Home Owner’s Association

Even though Home Owner’s Associations (HOAs) are mostly autonomous, they are subject to specific statutes outlining HOA powers. These statutes provide the framework for how HOAs are created, what they can do, and how they are run. These statutes prescribe certain rights for homeowners to ensure HOAs are following the law. They also provide mechanisms by which homeowners can ensure the HOA is managed with the community’s best interest in mind, that business is conducted in a public and transparent fashion, and that board elections are properly conducted.


Failure to abide by the HOA rules can result in negative consequences to the homeowner. However, failure to comply with statutes that govern HOAs can result in negative consequences to the HOA and every homeowner who is a member. It is an absolute must that HOAs are run in an efficient and consistent manner or the entire community could suffer financially, aesthetically and with a decrease in property values.


The attorneys at Brandabur & Bowling Co., LPA handle every legal aspect of creating, running and dissolving an HOA including answering board member questions, drafting legal opinions, reviewing contracts, moderating annual meetings and board meetings, obtaining FHA approval, amending governing documents, and implementing rules.


The attorneys at Brandabur & Bowling Co., LPA are trained and experienced trial attorneys who are well versed in the laws regulating COAs. This unique combination sets us apart from all other firms that claim to represent HOAs. Not only will we give you spot on legal advice. We are ready, willing and able to take your case to trial if justice requires.

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