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Michael J. Brandabur is a one of the founding partners in the Law Firm of Brandabur & Bowling Co. LPA.  and is a long time resident of Hamilton, Ohio.  He is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys mixing his interest in flying, scuba diving, boating, hunting, shooting and other activities with his legal practice.  


Michael earned a Masters Degree in Business Administration and owns several businesses himself.  This experience is why Michael enjoys, and is successful, with assisting new Corporate/Business clients in setting up and resolving business related issues when they arise.  His business clients include the proverbial “Mom and Pop” store, local businesses, international companies and clients listed on Dunn & Bradstreet with annual revenues well into tens of million of dollars.   Michael enjoys solving problems and advocating for his clients.  These interests and his experience has led him to focus his practice in Corporate/Business Law, State and Federal Civil Litigation, Immigration Law, International Law, Military Law, Estate Planning, Probate Law and Elder Law.    


After 28 years of service Michael retired from the United States Air Force as a Judge Advocate General.  During his military service Michael became a decorated Lieutenant Colonel who received a Purple Heart during a tour in the Middle East.  Michael believes that his military service that focused on international legal issues has greatly contributed to his success in representing clients in immigration and international practices.  During his service, he handled cases and trials on behalf of the US Government and other governments (on loan from the US) with results reported in leading national and international papers. Michael understands and appreciates cultural differences in explaining and understanding legal issues.  In addition his significant experience with interpreting laws of other nations provides him with a broad understanding of international legal issues.


As one can imagine, as a seasoned combat military officer with diverse legal and life experience, Michael Brandabur maintains a “give not quarter, and leave no stone unturned” attitude when handling your case.


Michael is licensed to practice in the Ohio, Federal and Military Courts and is a member of the Butler County Association. Additionally, Michael is active in the local community as a member of Rotary International and frequent guest lecturer at Miami University.  Michael is a graduate of Miami University (BA), University of West Florida (MBA), Chase College of Law (JD), and the US Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School (JAG).

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