Michael Brandabur Hamilton OH Attorney

Michael J. Brandabur

Civil Litigation

Estate Planning / Wills / Probate

Business / Corporate


Jeff Bowling Hamilton Divorce Attorney

Jeffrey W. Bowling

Divorce / Dissolution / Custody

Personal Injury / Semi-Tractor Trailer Collision

OVI / Traffic

Civil Litigation

Kyle Rapier Hamilton Criminal Defense Attorney

Kyle M. Rapier

Condominium & Homeowner’s Associations

Criminal Defense (Felony and Misdemeanor)

Civil Litigation


Serving the Needs of Our Community for Over 15 Years

Brandabur and Bowling represents the joining of ideas and attorneys with various backgrounds of legal expertise to create a professional law firm to serve the needs of the community. Our attorneys represent our clients in Municipal, Common Pleas, Federal, Appellate and Military Courts. We also represent clients before various administrative bodies, to include Schools, University Boards and various State Agency Boards. For specific information on your legal needs, please contact Brandabur and Bowling by calling (513) 892-3400 or filling out the free and confidential request form.

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