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Attention & Loyalty

Attention & Loyalty

Regardless whether you’re an individual, newly formed small business, or making millions.

Experienced Attorney Hamilton Ohio

Years of Experience

Expertise comes with years of experience. Our legal firm has seen it all. We win cases.

Immigration Lawyer Hamilton Ohio

Easy to Communicate

Legal jargon is for the courtroom. Our tech-savvy attorneys are easy to speak with.

Our Team of Attorneys

Michael Brandabur Hamilton OH Attorney

Michael J. Brandabur

Civil Litigation

Estate Planning / Wills / Probate

Business / Corporate


Jeff Bowling Hamilton Divorce Attorney

Jeffrey W. Bowling

Divorce / Dissolution / Custody

Personal Injury / Semi-Tractor Trailer Collision

OVI / Traffic

Civil Litigation

Kyle Rapier Hamilton Criminal Defense Attorney

Kyle M. Rapier

Condominium & Homeowner’s Associations

Criminal Defense (Felony and Misdemeanor)

Civil Litigation


What We Do


If you are an employer that needs to ensure compliance with Federal Law, or have a current or prospective employee that needs immigration assistance, we can help with your specific situation.

Ohio DUI / OVI

Securing professional legal guidance can make the difference in the outcome of the case, though it is important to hire someone who focuses on DUI defense and is familiar with Ohio DUI laws.

Criminal Defense

Our 24 Hour Service allows you to obtain on the spot representation to advise you during this frightening and confusing experience. Call us anytime, so we can begin preparing your defense.

Personal Injury

A person’s life can change in an instant due to a personal injury. Do not allow your standard of living to diminish at the hands of another. Work with our team of experts and obtain maximum compensation.

Corporate & Business

Let our knowledgeable attorneys help you choose the correct business entity if you are beginning a new venture, or review your contracts, corporate documents and discuss your operations of an existing business.

Civil Litigation

Are you seeking to “right a wrong”? When a dispute cannot be resolved without the involvement of the courts, you need to ensure that someone who understands the judicial process is involved.

Estate Planning

Plan for your family’s welfare while you are able to make those important decisions. Develop a plan that maximizes your loved one’s inheritance, and pass on the legacy you worked so hard to provide.

Family Law

Involves several specialized areas including divorce, child custody/support, spousal support, antenuptial/prenuptial agreements, separation agreements, dissolution, and property settlements.

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